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About GWD
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       This company was born in 1998 from one man's dream to be able to utilize his creative energies.  Grateful Web Design (GWD) is a web site provider that will help you create a dynamic web site designed to work with your existing advertising efforts.

       A presence on the World Wide Web can be a complex and involved task.  Let us accept the burden of that task for you. We will supply the high degree of professionalism your company deserves and the service you expect.  We will work as your partner through the process of development, publication and maintenance of your web site.  Together we can design the site that will best promote your business or organizational interests.  Then we can handle the other tasks for you, allowing for a seamless entrance to the World Wide Web.

       Together, we will:

Funky 3.gif (2135 bytes) Design Your Web Site!
Funky 3.gif (2135 bytes) Register Your Domain Name!
Funky 3.gif (2135 bytes) Publish Your Web Site!
Funky 3.gif (2135 bytes) Maintain Your Web Site!
Funky 3.gif (2135 bytes) Search Engine Registration!

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Our Services Include:

Web Site Design & Development - GWD will work with you to design your World Wide Web future.  Together we will develop the format, layout and look of your site.  GWD will then complete the development and creation of the site.
Domain Name Registration - The Domain Name is the text address of your web site (i.e. yourname.com). Once you have selected your Domain Name, it must then be registered. Once registered, you will retain use of the Domain Name that you and only you can use on the World Wide Web.
Web Hosting & Maintenance - This involves actually storing your web site on a server (computer) that is part of the World Wide Web. Your Domain Name is assigned a www address.  Maintenance of the site is retaining this space on the World Wide Web as well as the changing and updating of basic items on your web site.  This would be things such as photos, event information and text.   GWD would do this upon receiving the updates from you.
E-Commerce - GWD can provide a secure server environment to provide for selling items on the World Wide Web.  The user would be able to purchase items using a shopping cart and a credit card.  They would also receive order confirmation before completion.  All credit card transactions would occur via a secure server. 
Banner Advertising - GWD can create a banner ad to promote your web site or product on other web sites. Think of it as a roadside billboard on the World Wide Web flipping through the information best promoting your product. 
Site Analysis & Strategies - GWD will review your current web page and propose possible adjustments to your site. We will take an honest look at your site and outline how your site could best work for you. 
Search Engine Registration - A web site can be accessed in several ways. Via the Domain Name, from a link from another page (this has to be arranged) or through the many Search Engines (i.e. Yahoo!) servicing the World Wide Web.  GWD will continually register your site with these Search Engines for you, as part of our monthly maintenance fee.

       Give GWD a call so together, we can plan your future now.  All consultations are free of charge.

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We Make Web Site Development Seamless!!!
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    GWD is a member of the General Consulting Group (GCG), a Consortium of individual practitioners, small and corporate businesses.

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Grateful Web Design

4 West Bard Avenue
Suite 202
Red Hook, NY   12571

67 County Rte 10
Suite 301
Germantown, NY   12526

Tel: (800) 216-5411


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